International Financial Corporation has presented the results of the new survey of «Business Environment in Tajikistan as seen by representatives of small and medium businesses» 2009.

This survey was based on results of interviewing 1500 respondents, such as directors of small and medium enterprises, as well as individual entrepreneurs and dehkan farmers, on administrative procedures, which they faced when establishing or implementing their activities in 2007.

The results of the survey showed some improvements in business environment for SME compared to 2002, especially in the matters of conducting inspections, business registration as well as obtaining licenses. The main constraints mentioned by SME were the access to financing, access to electricity, as well as excessive tax rates. The access to financing was mentioned as the biggest constraint for the dehkan farms. The access to electricity was the main constraint mentioned by every forth small and medium enterprise. The excessive tax rates were the «number one» constraint for individual entrepreneurs.

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