16 September 2009
The presentation of the new report by the World Bank on «Doing Business» for 2010 took place in Dushanbe.

This event was distinguished by the new organizational format, according to which the exhibition of reforms implemented by various projects on private sector support was held right after the official part.

Particularly, there were achievements in seven areas presented at the exhibition which were displayed in so called «corners». In each corner the representatives of the projects presented their activities' outcomes and introduced their new plans on improvement of business environment to the participants of the event.

Thus, «the corners» represented the following themes: Program on «Improvement of business environment — 200 days of reforms»; «One-stop shop» when registering business — with participation of Tax Committee, European Commission and NASME RT; «Credit bureau» — with participation of IFC project on leasing; «Review of permit system» - with participation of IFC and SCI of RT; «One-stop shop» for export-import operations with participation of USAID and GTZ; «Tax administration reform» with participation of Tax committee and «Bearing Point»; USAID project on business environment improvement — BEI.

The Senior Advisor to the President of RT on Economic policy, Mr. Buriev, and the Head of the Country Manager of the World Bank in Tajikistan, Mrs. Ch. Bronchi, had the floor during the official part, and they congratulated the participants with the achievements of Republic of Tajikistan in improving its ratings on «Doing Business» report.

Mrs. Ch. Bronchi highly valued the performance of the Government of the country on conducting reforms and emphasized that donor community plans to continue providing support in the future for implementation of plans on reforms in the public sector.

Mr. Buriev in his address specifically mentioned the contribution of the Consultative Council on improvement of investment climate under the President of Republic of Tajikistan in establishing of the efficient private-public dialogue on the matters of development and implementation of reforms necessary for business development in the country.

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