Consultative Council

The Consultative Council on Improvement of Investment Climate under the President of Tajikistan is established by the Presidential Decree #356 in 19 December, 2007.

The Council is called to activate the work of the state agencies for business climate improvement, attraction of investments to the national economy, running coordinated and sequenced an investment policy, and for foundation of constructive dialog between the state and business.

The Council is chaired by the President of Republic of Tajikistan. The Council, in accordance to its approved Regulation, is a consultative and advisory body under the President of Tajikistan ensuring preparation and elaboration of agreed recommendations and proposals to the President and Government of Tajikistan for issues related to improvement of investment climate and business environment.

The Council membership includes the representatives of state, business and international organizations. Activity of the Council is accomplished based on freely discussion of all issues and joint decision making.

Participation of private sector representatives, the state and international institutions in the Council is not only a sign of transparent policy of the state, but also is a guarantee of successful implementation of initiatives from the bottom on improvement of business environment and investment climate.

Rotation principle of non-permanent members (business and donors representatives) is undertaken after two meetings based upon discussion issues. As a matter of urgency, the Chairman of the Council may extend participation of non-permanent members by his decision.

The major form of the Council's activity is a meeting which is conducted based upon matter of urgency but not less than once in three months. The Council meetings consider legitimate to be conducted if 2/3 of members are present.

Head of ministries and the state agencies, as well as foreign investors and representatives of donor organizations as observers might be invited to the meetings based upon the Agenda and issues to be discussed. The Council meetings include discussion of wide spectrum of issues important to both domestic and foreign businesses.

Direction of the Council's activity is determined by consultations with the members as well as businessmen and donors. Council based on discussion during sessions makes a decision by voting, which is recorded in Minutes of the meetings with the relevant instructions to ministries and agencies for implementation. Minutes is adopted by the Chairman of the Council.

For development of recommendations and proposals for business climate improvement and the state regulation of business activity the Chairman of the Council initiates establishment of working groups. Working groups are formed based on sector and function principles depend upon objectives set.

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