30 October 2009
The representatives of business associations, at the regular meeting of Coordinating Council of business associations and public unions of Tajikistan (CCBAPUT), discussed the implementation process of the government Programme «Improving business environment -200 days of reforms», and the role of business associations in development of proposals and recommendations on this Programmme.

The participants of the meeting emphasized, that the members of CCBAPUT, despite the given chance to participate in the work of the working groups, did not demonstrate appropriate enthusiasm in their work.

Another part of the meeting was dedicated to discussion of the proposal by German society on technical cooperation (GTZ) on establishing the Center to support business associations. We remind that GTZ is implementing the second phase of the Project on «Supporting small and medium businesses in Tajikistan», under which the establishment of such Center is envisaged.

The participants of the meeting reviewed some organizational issues as well, and in particular the following: the Chairman of CCBAPUT presented the initiative on electing and introducing one person authorized by CCBAPUT to work with the Government of RT, Parliament and judiciary of the country. The participants of the meeting positively responded to this initiative and at the same time suggested holding discussions with the Government before selection process of the candidates will start, with the purpose of identifying the participation mechanism for CCBAPUT representatives to be involved into activities of relevant institutions.

During the meeting, the new members of CCBAPUT were introduced, among which were the following: the Association of restaurants and hotels, association of photo artists, association of entrepreneurs and investors of Tajikistan an Turkey «TATSIAD», association of entrepreneurs of Tajikistan, Public Union «Federation of women groups in Karasu settlement» from Vahdat, and also the Club of young entrepreneurs. Total number of CCBAPUT members to date is 34 public associations.

Comments by the Secretariat:

The Secretariat supports the initiative of CCBAPUT on establishing a closer interaction between state agencies and business community, and reminds that the current legislation of the republic provides for the rights of public associations to participate in public discussions - article 24 of the Law of RT «On public unions».

More over, the article 23 of the Law of RT «On the Government of Republic of Tajikistan» determines the rights of other persons, which the representatives of public sector of the country can be attributed to, to attend the meetings of the Government of Republic of Tajikistan according to the order set by the Government. But the order itself has not been developed. Therefore, the Secretariat suggests to CCBAPUT to develop the mechanism for execution of the mentioned rights and to submit appropriate project documents for consideration by the Government of RT.

The Secretariat informs that the survey on the discussed issue had been carried out by the International public organization «Right and prosperity». For more detailed information, please refer to the following link: www.ipo-rp.org

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