29 October 2009
A business forum of entrepreneurs of Khatlon oblast and Kharkov oblast was held in Kurgan-Tube.

The forum was held during the visit by Ukrainian delegation, comprised of representatives of Ukraine Chamber of Commerce and Industry, entrepreneurs of agricultural machinery industry and other sectors, headed by the Governor of Kharkov province. The entrepreneurs exchanged opinions on the matters of creating close cooperation between business structures of the two provinces.

The mechanism of cooperation called «supplies in exchange for tractors and agricultural technologies» was proposed and agreed at the forum. The entrepreneurs reviewed the possibility of opening in Khatlon province the factory on assembling tractors and service centers for the functioning farms. Special attention of entrepreneurs in Khatlon province was drawn to the matter of procuring tractors by way of leasing. Ukrainian side plans to open «Ukrainian trading house» in Khatlon region and also has expressed the interest in providing help to Khatlon province on cattle breeding rehabilitation.

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