18 September 2009
A regular meeting of coordinating working group on monitoring the Program on «Improvement of business environment — 200 days of reforms» took place at State Committee on Investments and State Property Management of RT (SCISPM of RT). During the meeting the relevant ministries and agencies presented their progress reports on implementation of program's items.

Generally it was emphasized that on some Program items there had been prepared draft amendments and changes to current legislation and that they were at various stages of agreement between state agencies. However, the majority of Program activities, as for September, are not implemented and the developed materials do not correspond to Program's objectives.

For example, the planned measures on reforms in the area of land market and issuance of certificates for land use are not being carried out.

As for the item on simplifying reporting system for entrepreneurs - there has not been any significant proposals and recommendations received by State committee on statistics from both the entrepreneurs and state agencies, therefore this issue has not yet found a quality solution.

In regard to the item providing for Analysis of Labor Code on the matter of its conformity to market principles, the Ministry of Labor and Social Protection had not conducted the analysis which was intended to assess the labor market and employment procedures, as well as worker's rights in particular.

At the meeting, the representative from the Ministry of Labor informed the participants on preparation of a new draft law providing for introducing amendments to Labor Code in the part of regulations for hiring labor for household works.

The Secretariat reminds that Tajikistan holds 143 position among 181 countries on «Hiring labor» indicator in «Doing Business» report, therefore the World Bank expressed its readiness to provide qualified expert support to the country for carrying out such an analysis, upon the existence of interest from the Ministry of Labor and Social Protection of Population of RT.

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