30 July 2010
In 30 July 2010 in the village of Putkhin of the Ayni region of the Sogd oblast the session of the Coordination Council of Business Associations of Tajikistan (CCBAT) was conducted where the heads of more than 30 associations from all over the country, representatives of international organizations and the Secretariat of the Consultative Council on Improvement of Business Climate under the President of Republic of Tajikistan attended.
In the session the organizational and legal issues related to granting the status of legal entity to CCBAT.  The draft Statue of the CCBAT was discussed during the session, and the head was elected for a new term, who was Zabyrov Nekroi Khanjarovich -  the chairman of Accociastion of entrepreneurs and exporters of Tajikistan. One of the items of the agenda was consideration oft the results of the 6th session of the Consultative Council under the President of Republic of Tajikistan that was held on 23 July 2010 in Dushanbe.  The representative of the Consultative Council made a brief speech on this point. He emphasized actuality and timeliness of separate decisions made in the last session of the Consultative Council on the issues, directly related to the business associations, in the part of establishing training courses for increasing the culture for doing business and legal awareness of entrepreneurs in the areas of finance and trade, transition from commercial to manufacturing enterprising, including the possibility of increasing the number of members form representatives of the private sector, taking into account the interest and activeness of the business community in advancing ongoing economic reforms aimed at improving the investment climate in the country. The heads of business associations expressed their satisfaction on the results of the 6th session of the Consultative Council and their interest for continued and close cooperation.    

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