10 July 2010
According to the decision of the 5th Consultative Council the Executive Secretary of the Council and Secretariat were tasked to consider the membership terms of the members in the Consultative Council whose terms are about to finish, к ним относились представители частного сектора: Mr. N. Zabirov – the Chairman of  the Union of Entrepreneurs and Exporters of Tajikistan, Mr. Mr. Z. Saidov — the Chairman of Association of Producers and Entrepreneurs, Mr. I. Lalbekov — the Chairman of Association of Banks of Tajikistan (ABT); G. Kayumov — and take necessary measures for submission of new candidates for membership in the Consultative Council according to the established rules and procedures. On this issue the secretariat has taken necessary measures and actions and the following process of identification and selection of candidates from the private sector for the rotation of members in the Consultative Council.With this view the Secretariat with partners has sent information letters to business associations during which the representatives of business communities could present their candidates for membership in the Consultative Council. For improvement of transparency of selection procedures for membership in the Consultative Council a special commission was created from representatives of government bodies, international organizations and private sector.  The commission was tasked to consider each submitted candidate with subsequent voting on the basis of filled evaluation forms, which were developed by the Secretariat for selection of members of the Consultative Council. The evaluation forms were prepared for defining of selection criteria and allowed to evaluate each individual candidate with the method of summation of scores on each individual criterion. The proposed mechanism of rotation of members of the Consultative Council allowed improving the transparency of the process.  The business associations took an active part in putting forward their candidates, submitting over 25 nominations from business associations, as well as from private companies to the Secretariat. All applications were carefully classified and analysed by the commission and the candidates having the highest scores were selected which were further submitted to the Consultative Council for final decision. The result of the activity became the introduction of new members from the private sector in the 6th session of Consultative Council: Ms. G. Mahkamova — Chairman of the Association of Business Women of Tajikistan, Mr. S. Khakimov — Director of CJSC “Agroindustrial Centre “Guliston”and Mr. R. Kosimov — Chairman of Public Found “Internet”. The mandate of Mr. N. Zabyrov was extended. 

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