2 June 2010
The Republic of Tajikistan as equitable member of the global community is employing more efforts in advancing economic reforms and integrating into to the world economy. As a result of international survey of Doing Business, conducted annually by the World Bank, Tajikistan became one of the top ten reformers and thus deservedly was honored an award for improvement of  indictors of the country in international rating.    In the 6th session of the Consultative Council Mr. A. Akilov — the Prime Minister of the Republic of Tajikistan, have extended the words of thanks on behalf of the Government of Tajikistan to the World Bank for real and positive evaluation of the ongoing reforms in Tajikistan and hoped for continued mutual and fruitful cooperation in advancing the economic reforms in the country. Currently, Tajikistan ranks 152 in ease of doing business out of 183 countries that participate in the survey, thus increasing its previous ranking by 12 points.  Recognition of Tajikistan as one of the top ten reformer-countries was the result of policies of the Government of Tajikistan aimed at economic reforms in 2008-2009, which marked the achievement of considerable results in improving the investment and business climate. These improvements were possible due to the political will of the President of Republic of Tajikistan, the work of the Consultative Council, coordinated efforts of government bodies lead by State Committee on Investments and State Property Management of the Republic of Tajikistan as well as active participation of the representatives of the private sector and international organizations. The Consultative Council has developed and endorsed Plan on implementation of specific measures on improvement of indicators of international rating, which was aimed at improving ranking of Tajikistan in international survey of Doing Business as well as improving the investment attractiveness of the country. In 2009 with the view to advancing reforms of legislation framework regulating business activity and improving investment attractiveness of Tajikistan, the Government of Republic of Tajikistan has adopted the Program of 200 days of reform. The conducted reforms were aimed at improving and simplification of procedures, such as starting a business, dealing with construction permits, closing a business through bankruptcy procedures, access to credit, as well as simplification of tax administration and protection of property rights. One of the significant results of conducted reforms in Republic of Tajikistan in 2009 was introduction of system of business registration according to the one stop shop principle. Thanks to this system the entrepreneurs can register their business, by applying to single registration structure and thus significantly reduce time and expense. The reforms touched other indictors as well, for example, the procedures of closing a business was significantly simplified in Republic of Tajikistan thanks to the conducted reforms in the area of bankruptcy; the rights of minority shareholders were improved through refinement of legislation of stock companies; the procedures for obtaining construction permits were notably improved, which became an impulse for the beginning of mass construction in the country, significant development of the industry and its entering a new level of quality. This way, Republic of Tajikistan continues its chosen course on renovation of economy and conducting of significant economic reforms, which will considerably strengthen positions of the country in global arena. Taking into account the endowed resources, and attractive geographical location, Tajikistan will use its existing potential integrating with the world economy.  The strategic goal of Republic of Tajikistan is development of multicultural economy oriented on export on account of traditional industries, and intensification of the share of private capital in the economy. The reforms for improvement of investment and business climate continue and are under direct control of the President of Republic of Tajikistan and the Government of Republic of Tajikistan. The international institutions, which try to provide assistance in the issues of related to further improvement of investment climate as well as improvement of indicators of Tajikistan in international rating in the World Bank report, observe the implementation of the reforms.

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