29 January 2010
A regular meeting of the Coordination Council of Business Associations and Public Unions of Tajikistan (CCBAPUT) was held and the agenda included such items as the discussion of the outcomes of the Presidents' meeting with entrepreneurs of the country, the progress discussion of the Programs on «Improving Business Environment — 200 days of reforms», as well as the matters of CCBAPUT cooperation with the Secretariat of Consultative Council on improving business environment under the President of RT.

Having resumed the Presidents' meeting with entrepreneurs of the country, which took place on January 15 of 2010, the participants of the meeting proposed to carry out a large-scale informative activity among CCBAPUT and other business structures with the purpose of facilitating and strengthening their contribution to Rogun HPP building activities. The Chairman of CCBAPUT, Mr. N. Zabirov, suggested awarding the most active participants of this historical event in Tajikistan based on the results of 2010 as one of the ways of stimulating businesses.

In the process of discussing the matters of cooperation of CCBAPUT with the Consultative Council on improving investment climate under the President of RT, the participants were informed about the plans for concluding tripartite Memorandum on Cooperation between CCBAPUT, the Secretariat of Consultative Council and the Project on «Supporting Small and Medium Businesses in Tajikistan» by GTZ.

The Memorandum envisaged the forming of a special working group from among the CCBAPUT members, donor project's experts and the staff workers of the Secretariat, who would be engaged in developing qualitative and legally justified business proposals for consideration and taking respective decisions at the meetings of the Consultative Council on Improving Investment Climate under the President of Republic of Tajikistan.

Besides, the participants discussed a new order of attending the meetings of the Consultative Council by the candidates from the private sector, and as an outcome, the decision was taken on presenting a list of the most active members of CCBAPUT to the Council's Secretariat for the selection to the following meetings of the Consultative Council.

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