4 August 2017
The 4th Session of the Consultative Council on Improvement of Investment Climate in Rasht Valley was conducted on August 2, in Tojikobod district of Rasht Valley.
The Session was opened by Qahhorzoda Fayziddin Sattor - Chairman of State Committee on Investment and State Property Management of the Republic of Tajikistan, Chairman of the Investment Council on Improvement of Investment Climate in Rasht Valley. In his speech Mr. Qahhorzoda Fayziddin Sattor noted that the appearance of Rasht Valley’s districts hase been changed significantly due to initiatives of the Founder of Peace and National Unity – Leader of the Nation, President of the Republic of Tajikistan His Excellency Emomali Rahmon and patriotic efforts people in Rasht Valley and this trend is steadily continuing.
In this context, such issues as implementation of a number of small and large investment projects in Rasht Valley which being implemented, state banks credits, commercial and microfinance cooperation with development partners, implementation of number of project and other issues were discussed in detail.
During the Session, the main attention was paid to monitoring of the results of implementation of the decisions of the Consultative Council on Improvement of Investment Climate in Rasht Valley, including measures taken in:
  1. Setting up dairy processing enterprises
  2. Flour production shops
  3. Vegetable oil packaging
  4. Flowering plants
  5. Stone and gravel, plastics, rubber boilers, confectionery shops
Report was provided by Council Secretary Zafar Hisoriev and on the role of the private sector in implementing the decisions of the Council was given by member of the Council, General Director of “Surkhob” – Saidali Saidrahmonov.
Regarding the second issue during the presentation on the results of the analysis and recommendations on cross-border trade development with the neighboring regions of the Kyrgyz Republic and promoting the development of the Rasht Valley, the Chairman of the Council noted that this issue was raised by the private sector at the third session of the Council and by request of the Consultative Council, UNDP conducted study in this area.
It was noted that in this document a number of issues, including trade and economic cooperation between the Lahsh region of the Republic of Tajikistan and the Chon-Alai district of the Kyrgyz Republic, existing markets and trade, the border infrastructure in the region, informal trade and administrative barriers in trade between the two countries were analyzed and recommendations on improvement of regulatory legal acts, simplification and diversification of cross-border trade were submitted.
It was noted that, in this context, the development of cross-border trade, the Action Plan for the Development of Cross-border Trade with Neighboring Areas of the Kyrgyz Republic and Assistance in the Development of the Rasht region were developed.
On the third issue of the agenda, the issue of "Opportunities for development of the industrial processing development in the Rasht Valley" was proposed for discussion of the future meeting of the Council.
During the session, Kerstin Laabs, KfW Regional Director strongly expressed her views and clear recommendations regarding removing barriers and development of entrepreneurship in Rasht Valley. Chairman of the Consultative Council, Mr. Kahinzoda Fayziddin Sattor expressed his gratitude to the development partners for their cooperation and their contribution entrepreneurship development and issues raised. Kresin Laabs assured that development partners will continue their support for the entrepreneurship development in the country.
By the end of the session, instructions and recommendations were given to the responsible persons and representatives of the regional bodies of relevant ministries and agencies on the issues discussed in the session.

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