26 May 2021

In order to attract investment in the economic development of the RRS, a "100 investment projects in the RRS." will be developed by UNDP support. This package provides the necessary information to domestic and foreign entrepreneurs and investors on the investment potential of RRS.

The package includes 100 investment projects prepared in accordance with modern requirements. It should be noted that the Regions of Republican Subordination consists of Varzob, Rudaki, Faizobod, Shahrinav, Rasht, Lakhsh, Nurobod, Tojikobod, Sangvor, Vahdat, Hissar, Rogun, Tursunzoda districts and have great potential for business and investment activities in the development of agriculture, industry, services and other priority areas. The majority of regions of republican subordination are located around the Dushanbe city and have the necessary infrastructure for the development of the abovementioned sectors.

It should be noted that the country's legislation environment in the field of entrepreneurship and investment has been improved, many tax and customs benefits have been provided to entrepreneurs and investors, and legally, domestic and foreign investors have equal rights. In this regard, the processing of raw materials and their delivery to the final product is one of the most important issues in all sectors of industry and agriculture, and the necessary measures are being taken in this direction.

Therefore, the development and presentation of a set of "100 investment projects in the regions of republican subordination" will give a new impetus to attract domestic and foreign investment aimed to develop of the regions economic sectors. 

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